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    Super taste for good price!

    The taste is excellence, whether tasted with the beans in a coffee machine, with the beans shredded into a bialetti or into a Nespresso compatible capsule.
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    Concierto Kaffeebohnen 250g

    Hi Tropical Mountains family, I tried the Sidamo Lungo Nespresso compatible coffee and absolutely loved the taste and ecological aspect of the coffee capsules. I would love to try another type of coffee...
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    The coffee tastes really great - just like good coffee from a fancy barista machine. The flavour is strong and complex, without being too strong or concentrated....
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    Sidamo Kaffeekapseln

    Ich liebe Kaffe, und trinke mindestens zwei Kaffee pro Tag. Ich habe schon eine Nespresso Machine und habe schon viele verschiedene Kaffeesorten getestet. Ich lebe in der französischen Teil der Schweiz.
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